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Win That War!

Year 1023 of the Galactic Era bold explorers discover a new planetary system among the stars and confirm the occurrence of very rare and unexplored resources. Immediately the greatest economic powers of the galaxy dispatch their most experienced envoys to make their claim on the alien worlds. This is where your – and many others’ – journey begins.

Win That War! is a massive scale MMORTS which immerses players in the heart of a galactic war fought by three power hungry conglomerates. The conflict takes place in a massively multiplayer planetary campaign. Players fight for the thousands of unexplored planets, staing their claim to territories by building powerful and growing armies. Join one of the three factions and prove your worth on the battlefield.

  • Thousands of players fighting in real time on each planet         
  • Up to 9 players per map          
  • Epic, retrofuturistic, battles      
  • 3 playable factions, 1 alien presence    
  • Huge, procedural, maps