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SUMICO – The Numbers Game

Sumico is Match3 with numbers. “One of the best puzzle games in years!” The press adores Sumico. And so will you. Sumico is a must-have title for fans of puzzle games! Easy to pick up, fun to play, challenging if you want it to be. Smooth graphics, nice music and most importantly: an incredibly smart puzzle. But, don’t take our word for it: many, many professional reviewers awarded Sumico a 9 out of 10. Among them are publications like Family Friendly Gaming, App4Smart, Nintendolife and Brashgames. Sumico Deluxe Edition comes with an incredible amount of gameplay. A huge campaign containing 84 handmade levels will entertain you for hours on end. For a different kind of challenge, try the Endless Mode which is, indeed, endless fun! Sumico contains an easier mode for kids and an educational mode which adheres to official mathematical rules.

  • Match 3 with numbers   
  • Easy to pick up, fun to play   
  • Educational mode   
  • 84 levels + Endless Mode   
  • Great reviews by the press!