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Woodpunk celebrates Chinese New Year with new Features and Content

Action-packed Roguelike receives new Weapon Creation System as well as seasonal content celebrating Chinese New Year! Today, we’re happy to release Patch 1.20 for our roguelike retro shooter WOODPUNK on PC, and It comes with a series of new features. This new update is on celebrating the Chinese New Year

WOODPUNK coming to PC on November 22nd

Today, Libredia and developer Meteorbyte Studios announce the release date of the brand new Woodpunk on PC for November 22nd, 2018. Woodpunk is a fast-paced roguelike retro shooter, set in an alternate Medieval Era with futuristic inventions and warfare. Players take over the role of Aquinas, a genius inventor. His

Bohemian Killing Language Update!

We’re happy to announce a massive language update to Bohemian Killing. While the game has already been available in English, Polish, and Japanese, now players from Germany, France, Spain and Italy can experience this crime drama fully subtitled in their native languages, bringing the total to seven languages! The audio

GUTS receives major Update

Today, Libredia and developer Flux Game Studios released a massive update to their over-the-top fighting game on PC, while at the same time announcing the console versions of the title. The update contains significant modifications to GUTS’ graphics and controls. The new update for GUTS brings a multitude of improvements

Bohemian Killing now playable in 4k

Bohemian Killing has received a graphic overhaul to allow modern gaming setups to run the game in full 4k resolution. The winner of the “Best Story” Award at the Pixel Awards 2016 has received new 4k textures, an overhaul of the game’s lighting and a series of new graphics- and

Libredia enters games publishing with new titles

Libredia is expanding its business. The company, founded by industry veteran Stefan Layer in 2008, is starting to venture into publishing its own projects and expanding its team. The company’s goal is to bring new titles produced and financed by Libredia into international markets, by taking advantage of the vast

Libredia at Gamescom 2018

Again, Libredia will be present on Gamescom! Meet us at our booth at the Games Industry Lounge, Hall 2.2 / C68 – Our colleagues from the sales and marketing departments will be happy to talk to you. To make an appointment, please get in touch via

Bohemian Killing new in our lineup

Bohemian Killing is a narrative court drama, in which the player is accused of an extraordinary crime. Are you guilty? If not, prove your innocence. If you are – well, try to avoid that the accusations stick. It’s up to you to change the outcome!

GUTS now published via Libredia

The ‘unconventional’ Beat’em up GUTS from brazilian developer Flux Games Studio is now being gepublished by Libredia and thus immediately available worldwide over Libredia’s widespread distribution network. GUTS is a hilarious ultra-violent Tarantino-style over-the-top game where players must dismember each other. The fight continues even when there are just two

Bear With Me Collector’s Edition available

          The Bear With Me – Collector’s Edition contains all three episodes, telling the whole story of Amber and Ted. It also includes: The official Bear With Me soundtrack A digital art book with loads of concepts and visuals never seen before The full puzzle and

Specialized in digital publishing and distribution, Libredia strives for innovation. While the company has grown to an international level, we are still gamers at heart and understand our customers’ needs.


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