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Fallen Mage

Fallen Mage is a fast-paced action RPG with a challenging gameplay.
Young boy Felin from the land of Northleach grew up as a student of the master magician Edwardes,learning the secrets of magic. Felin was incredibly talented and quickly learned new magical skills.His power surpassed even the greatest magicians.After some time he began to rebel, what the sorcerer did not like. When Felin went out of a hand,master wizard Edwardes decided to take away his powers so that Felin could become a normal boy.However the student sensed a conspiracy and did not give up so easily. When it came to duel between master anddisciple, Edwardes used up an ancient scroll that had annihilate Felin.

  • Varied locations
  • Arena maps (ftom the main story)
  • Hordes of enemies and bosses
  • Tons of secret places with extra bonuses
  • Different spells available