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PC, Mac

Available languages

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Korean

I Am Vegend

Captain the Vegendary Heroes, survive the Zombiegeddon and take revenge upon the birds, the pigs, and the zombies! Enjoy this mind-blowing travesty of mobile game hits! - Enemies have joined forces to destroy all plants! They trample down young innocent
seedlings, besiege the allotment and steal the seeds! Take charge of Vegendary Heroes special fertilisation squad and box the blighters mugs! To win, you will have to use anything that can shoot – and you'll find that nearly everything CAN! - The final battle
will require total involvement: baste the birds with tomatoes, take advantage of carrot ordnance, chop zombies and sprinkle on the salad to watch your green-as-grass recruits grow into seasoned sergeants.

  • 11 superfighters, each with a unique fighting style
  • A host of enemies endowed with various abilities
  • 45 fascinating missions
  • Elementary controls – you shoot where you tap!
  • Screwby bonuses and SUPER BOSSES!